Buttons for Bernie 2020


All proceeds go to the Bernie Sanders campaign.

So far 56 donations totaling $1,883.20!

Yard Signs - Banners- Bumper Stickers

and of course button, buttons, buttons!

Wear them everywhere!

Check out the new lower prices!

No More Promo codes!

Custom buttons are no extra charge!

(Please, when ordering over 150 buttons please

select Medium Flat rate box at check out. 

Orders over 300 buttons please select the

Large Flat Rate Box, Thank You!)

Buttons, Banners, and Signs must be placed on separate orders.

Sorry but it really messes up the shipping.

This is a not for profit (not 501c) site.

If any profits are made they will be sent to Bernie! I donate to Bernie every month.

I did not create all of the artwork on this site. If you are the designer and wish for something to be taken down please send me an email at ButtonsforBernie@gmail.com.

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